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The Schengen policy allows the abolishment of border checks for the Schengen states, sets common rules for the control of external borders, prescribes a common visa policy, and overseas additional internal border control instruments for special cases (for police and legal cooperation in criminal cases).

There is no passport control on the internal borders of Schengen states. However, this does not mean, that travelling within the Schengen area is the same as travelling in one state and that no personal identity document is required. Representatives of legal institutions in any Schengen state are entitled to check the identity of a person staying in their territory according to the requirements of national legal acts. The laws of each member state prescribe whether a person must have personal identity documents with him or not.

Citizens of any EU state are entitled to travel throughout the EU for personal or business matters without restrictions only with a valid passport or personal identity card.

Member states reserve the possibility to restore temporary border checks if any danger to national security or public order is suspected. Being a member of the EU, Lithuania has already applied the EU regulations.



Persons who are not residents of the Republic of Lithuania and who cross the border of the Republic of Lithuania in motor vehicles registered abroad must have the following documents and present them for inspection to the officials of the State Border Guard Service (SBGS) at border check points:

  • a valid personal travel document (passport, identity card or other travel document);
  • the vehicle registration document (title of the vehicle).

The officials of the SBGS are entitled to ask the driver to produce a driver’s licence allowing him to drive a vehicle of a particular category.



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UN Laissez-passer allows the holder to travel to the Republic of Lithuania without a visa for up to 90 days within half a year.

Citizens of other countries, not listed above travelling to the Republic of Lithuania, require visas.

Visas are issued in diplomatic missions and consular posts of the Republic of Lithuania.

In case there is no Lithuanian diplomatic mission or consular post in the country where you live, please apply through the nearest or most convenient one for you to travel to. It is recommended to contact a diplomatic mission or a consular post in advance in order to clarify the conditions governing the issuance of visas and to arrange an appointment. Follow the link below and check the nearest Embassy or Consulate (

The Lithuanian Rowing Federation will provide invitation letters to support your visa applications. Please contact Laima SLIZAUSKIENE at e-mail after you have booked accommodation and have planned your travel dates. Personal passport information (name, surname, birth date, passport validity) position in the team and medical insurance dates will be required for the official invitation letter addressed to the Embassy. We do guarantee our support for the teams, which had provided necessary information and contacted us before 15 June 2016.

A special form for submitting invitation letter requirements will be published on this website along with the relevant deadlines.

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