Transportation for Teams

General Information, Transportation Office

The transportation office is located in the Information Centre. The office will start operating on 1 August, and will be open at all times the venue is officially open. Transportation forms will be distributed to every Team Manager‘s mail boxes together with the Start lists, etc.


Transportation from/to Airport to/from the accommodation

The Organising Committee will provide the transportation from/to airport and accommodations of all participants if accommodation was booked via OC. Team arrivals must be submitted two weeks before the actual arrival into the country to

At  airports teams will be met by a representative of the Organising Committee and escorted to the buses for travel to their hotels.

Team departure details must be submitted to the Information Centre at the venue at least 48 hours prior to the flight departure. One day prior to departure the teams will receive notifications of the exact transportation time and departure place.

For better service all teams are requested to inform the OC about size of luggage (especially oars or sculls) carried on the plane.


Vilnius International Airport (VNO) will be closed from 14 July till 18 August 2017 due to reconstruction. Flights to and from Lithuania will be operated from airports as bellow:

Airport Distance, approx. drive time to Vilnius Distance, approx. drive time to Trakai (Venue)
KUN (Kaunas International Airport, Lithuania) 103 km,  1 hr 20 min. 85 km,  1 hr
PLQ (Palanga International Airport, Lithuania) 337 km,  3 hrs 50 min. 320 km, 3 hrs 35 min.
RIX (Riga International Airport, Latvia) 300 km, 3 hrs 50 min. 310 km,  4 hrs


Transportation between accommodation and regatta venue

A shuttle service will operate between the accommodation and regatta course. This will be available to all accredited persons, who have booked accommodation through the Organizing Committee. Traffic restrictions will be in place around the venue to ensure that rowers and teams staying in official accommodation have the quickest access to the course. Further information will be published in the Team Managers’ Manual.


Transportation of boats and boat trailers

Due to the limited space in the boathouse area, boat trailers and containers are permitted to enter the venue only when the team is ready to unload their boats onto the assigned boat racks. If the team is not ready, the boat trailer will be advised to be parked into dedicated area till rowers come to the venue.

After unloading the boats trailers must immediately leave the boathouse area and be parked in Parking places (will be published in the Team Managers’ Manual).

Trailers and containers will be permitted to re-enter the boathouse area for loading after the last race on Sunday, 6 August.

For coming earlier then 2 August or leaving latter then 6 August parking is paid:

For a car – 0.58 Eur/1 hour

For a bus – 2.00 Eur/1 hour


Parking arrangements


Boat trailers

The trailers and containers need to be parked at the assigned parking area (will be published it the Team Managers’ Manual).


Team vehicles

Team vehicles must use parking places at their hotels. A limited number of team vehicles can park near the venue on a first come first serve basis. Team Managers can apply for these parking permissions at the accreditation centre.


Shuttle bus stop and drop at the venue

The Shuttle Bus Drop Off is located near to the entrance to the venue (will be published in the Team Managers’ Manual).

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